This side is still under construction, so it will take a while before it,s all here.

Here comes a short english summery.

VÅRAN MATTE: My name is Rosa(Elisabeth) Frisegård. I live in a house close to both the forrest and neighbours.I live here with my two Borderterriers Cappie and TomTom. I work and work, but most of all I enjoy spending time with my dogs.We like to go for long walks, be out in the forrest, to lay in the sofa or in bed wathing a movie we also like.  Before I bought a dog a few years ago I wasn,t really a dog lover at all. And I would never have a dog in my bed. But guess what?! The first time Cappie was here I lifted her up in bed, and there is where my dogs still sleep.

A lot  of thoughts and ideas has gone thruogh my head and changed since I bought dogs. For the better I think.You meet so many nice people, and do so many funny things.


TOMTOM: NORD UCH INTUCH SVCH Bombax Royal Trademark. A real wild one, who came to us in the middle of April-05 8½ months old. I wanted a friend for Cappie,and after contact and talk with Monica and CG he came here one day. I have never had to regret that, he really brought action to the house.